3 Ways Epoxy Stands Out As The Flooring Of The Food And Beverage Industry

3 Ways Epoxy Stands Out As The Flooring Of The Food And Beverage Industry

Did you know that epoxy floor coating can make an area 200% brighter? The fantastic benefits of epoxy don’t stop there. Epoxy floors are incredibly easy to clean, stain and scratch resistant, and can be slip resistant. If you work in the food industry and your restaurant or company is looking to replace the current flooring, epoxy is one of the best floor solutions for the food and beverage industry. Here’s why…

  1. Durable
    Epoxy flooring is durable in many different ways. First, it can sustain a high level of foot traffic without degrading. This is excellent for the kitchen where chefs move around to put out delicious dishes. Likewise, epoxy floors are scratch, drop, and stain resistant. This means dropped knives and plates won’t cause damage or discoloration. Having a durable floor is not only important for aesthetic purposes, but for practical sensibilities as well. The more durable your food and beverage flooring choice is, the longer it will last. This makes for a better investment.
  2. Clean
    Having a clean floor can mean many different things. For a carpet, it would mean that you have vacuumed recently. For a tile floor, it could be that you’ve mopped. For an epoxy floor, however, it is clean to begin with. Epoxy floor solutions for the food and beverage industry are approved as safe by the FDA. Besides being clean from the beginning, an epoxy floor is the easiest surface to clean. Since there are no gaps for food or beverages to get stuck in, cleaning is as simple as going over a spill with a mop. Also, aside from being clean, epoxy flooring looks clean. This is because of the additional brightness it can add to a room.
  3. Safe
    Especially in the kitchen, it helps to have a stable surface. Using either paint flakes, sand, or a more coarse grit mixed in with the epoxy, you will be able to move swiftly over the surface without slipping. This is a big deal. Not only will it keep your employees safe, but it will prevent many potential workers compensation cases.

Choosing the right floor surface for your food industry business is important. Consider all of the above factors when making your decision. If you decide that epoxy is indeed the right way to go, set up a meeting with our epoxy flooring contractors today!


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