4 Floors and Many Years of Duribility

4 Floors and Many Years of Duribility

When deciding between a wide variety of flooring options it is important to consider what the surface will be used for. Many heavily worn surfaces can become hazardous when left untreated, and that wear and tear can lead to serious injuries. If you are looking for the best types of floor resurfacing materials for your needs, consider the following characteristics.

  1. For Hangar Flooring

    If you need somewhere to park your planes, one of the most durable and widely utilized flooring systems is epoxy. Epoxy flooring for the aviation industry works by covering a concrete base fully, then allowing it to cure. The curing time is affected by temperature is a drastic way. It can take 100% more or less time if you increase or decrease the temperature of the room by 18 degrees respectively. Epoxy floors are some of the most durable types of floor resurfacing and can extend a floor’s life for many years.

  2. For Gymnasium Flooring

    There are a few options for gym floors. Traditionally, a basketball court has a hardwood floor, but for a cost-effective option, consider polyurethane. These are slightly springy, but the amount of bounce can be customized to your specific needs. Another positive is the seamless structure that these floors create.

  3. For Factory Flooring

    For factories, an epoxy-based flake flooring system is almost essential. The way they work is through the incorporation of paint flakes, which create extra friction. This is a great improvement for employee safety, limiting slip and fall accidents while providing durable flooring. Flake epoxy flooring is widely used in wares and in some high volume restaurants for exactly this reason.

  4. For Garage Flooring

    Often, individuals choose epoxy for their home’s garage as well, but since epoxy can be difficult to apply and has a long curing duration, many choose another path. The use of latex paint in lieu of epoxy has its downsides (durability), but for light to moderate garage utilization, it is a great option.

Whatever your project requires, epoxy is the industry standard for durable and resilient floors. That said, there are plenty of alternatives that boast different qualities more suited to your personal preferences. Get in contact with a floor resurfacing solutions expert today to find out more about the best floor for your needs.


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