4 Types of Coatings Used for Food and Beverage Flooring

4 Types of Coatings Used for Food and Beverage Flooring

Businesses that are based around food have exceptionally high health and safety standards. It’s their job to follow federal guidelines for their business to assure that the food remains fresh and uncontaminated. The floor of any food-related business is no exception. It is important to choose the right coating for your food and beverage flooring, to assure the structural integrity and safety of your business. Here are four difference kinds of coatings you’d typically find in a food business.


Epoxy flooring is generally a good choice when it comes to coating. Many types of epoxy coatings have been approved by the FDA and USDA. Industrial epoxy coating is generally easy to clean, lasts a long time against wear and tear, and able to be slip and skid resistant. In addition, epoxy can also increase a floor’s brightness by 200%

Urethane Cement

Urethane is another useful coating for food and beverage flooring. They’re seamless and easy to clean as well as being highly resistant and long lasting. Like epoxy, they can come in a wide variety of decorative choices without sacrificing the safety or integrity of the coating. However, it is not recommended to use this coating on sloped surfaces, such as places where water is supposed to drain.


Polyureas are a tough yet flexible coating that is completely assured by the FDA. They are impact resistant as well as being ideal around water and wet conditions. They are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and dry quick after initially set. Unlike the previous two, polyureas are highly elastic, making it extremely flexible.

Methyl Methacrylate

Methyl methacrylate is often used in cold-storage areas. They can be applied and withstand pretty low temperatures. They are less likely to produce an odor, making sure that no bad smells or taste come off the food.

Anyone one of these coatings can be ideal for your business. Given that food safety is the industry’s number once requirement, it’s important to know what the best type of coating to use for your food and beverage flooring to keep your food as safe as possible for your customers. We hope you found these suggestions helpful.

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