6 Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring for Distribution Centers

6 Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring for Distribution Centers

Distribution centers are a key component of businesses. It’s where a lot of employees spend their days and where inventory is carefully kept. Over the years, there have been a lot of innovations in flooring materials, but one material has persevered through the changes and the trends: epoxy. Although there are many different materials to choose from, epoxy flooring has remained a top choice for industrial and commercial facilities. This article takes a look at the benefits epoxy can offer and why people still choose epoxy flooring for distribution centers.

  • Easily maintained: Epoxy coating turns flooring into a smooth, stain-repellent surface that allows for dust and dirt to be easily removed. This helps the distribution center remain clean and allows for easy clean up for spills and messes.
  • Durable: In a warehouse or distribution center, there is bound to be intense foot traffic as well as heavy objects being moved throughout the facility. With an epoxy floor coating, the floors will remain durable and able to withstand foot traffic and equipment without showing signs of damages or weakness. As a matter of fact, epoxy can last between five and 10 years, depending on traffic exposure.
  • Cost effective: Epoxy flooring for distribution centers is not only less expensive, but it lasts longer and can withstand damage for longer, allowing businesses to save money on floor repairs. Additionally, it comes in different thicknesses, so it can be adjusted to the type of flooring necessary.
  • Professional look: While a warehouse doesn’t need unique decor, it does need to have a professional appearance. Epoxy floor coatings come in a wide variety of colors and styles, adding a touch of elegance to a company’s warehouse.
  • Safety features: A main concern for employees in a warehouse is safety. With the use of dangerous equipment and the fast moving pace of moving merchandise, accidents happen all too frequently. Luckily, flake epoxy flooring is slip-resistant as well as fire-proof. WIth a wide range of color options, it’s also possible to mark different zones in the warehouse with different colors. Additionally, using an epoxy coating helps prevent concrete dusting, which can cause health problems among employees.
  • Increases productivity: With industrial epoxy flooring allowing faster inventory movement throughout the facility, minimizing accidents, and reflecting light to improve brightness in work areas, epoxy flooring can significantly increase productivity among employees in the warehouse.

Epoxy flooring is a safe, cost-effective material that is used around the world. There are many reasons why epoxy flooring for distribution centers has been one of the most popular flooring material options for years and is still used today.


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