Epoxy is a protective coating or a combined system of coatings (more than one coat) that accomplishes a variety of goals and has a number of uses in the commercial setting. Epoxy is applied directly on top of the existing floor’s substrate and works best on concrete and cement floors. Typically, epoxy floors are multi-component based on epoxy resins, providing a durable and lasting solution. Contact Epoxy Coating Specialists today if you would like to explore all of your epoxy options and benefits with an epoxy expert.

Why Use Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings in My Establishment?

There are several reasons to use an epoxy floor coating. The most common reason that people use epoxy coatings is that epoxy provides protection from mechanical abrasion. Floors become damaged without a protective layer, such as epoxy, on top. This is especially true in a commercial setting where the floors sustain above-average amounts of wear and tear. Stress, dust, and cracks damage your floor over time, but an epoxy coating could protect them.

Can Epoxy Coatings Help With Cleanliness and Hygiene?

Another important reason that people use epoxy on their floor’s surface is that epoxy contributes to cleanliness and sanitation. Take, for example, a pharmaceutical packaging company. Such an enterprise would undoubtedly have very strict standards when producing medicines, foods, and other sensitive goods. You need a very clean floor in this kind of environment, and commercial epoxy floor coatings make the perfect solution!

Epoxies create a very beautiful and clean surface that makes cleaning and spotting dirt a cinch. You can never achieve this level of cleanliness with a concrete floor, but you can with an epoxy floor.

Can I Waterproof My Floor With a Coating of Epoxy?

One of the least-advertised benefits of having an epoxy coating on your floor is that it helps to waterproof the surface thoroughly. Put simply; any water that would typically be absorbed by the floor will not be absorbed by the floor when it has an epoxy coat on the surface. This is true of other chemicals and substances as well, in addition to water. Any time you have a situation in a commercial environment where water is frequently splashing on the floors, then an epoxy coat might be a wise investment.

Will an Epoxy Coating Make My Establishment Look Better?

In a word; yes! Epoxy coatings can make any environment look cleaner and more prestigious. Epoxy has a very aesthetic appeal to it. Whatever the color of the floor is underneath the epoxy; the epoxy will give you an entirely different effect. For example, some epoxies can give you a nice mirror reflection or glitter effect, and others have a smooth, modern appeal.

It’s really amazing when you consider all of the different objectives you can achieve with an epoxy coat. If you’re interested in commercial epoxy floor coatings for your establishment, contact Epoxy Coating Specialists today for a free onsite estimate.