Not many of today’s industries are as dependent on long-lasting, sterile flooring solutions as the healthcare industry is. Yet, each healthcare facility is different from the next. This means that a healthcare facility’s flooring plans must be custom-designed by an expert and installed by a professional team that has the experience and the know-how to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Epoxy flooring for healthcare facilities is a popular solution in the 21st Century, and Epoxy Coating Specialists can do the job right for your healthcare facility.

Epoxy Coating Specialists have several epoxy flooring solutions for the healthcare industry, depending on the exact needs of our clients. Customization is a big part of what we do, and our technicians are highly skilled, trained, and experienced, in addition to being completely professional and people-friendly. We can work any time day or night, and we work quickly, efficiently, and safely, and Epoxy Coating Specialists has the best prices around. Call Epoxy Coating Specialists today to get a free estimate for epoxy flooring for healthcare.

The Importance of Epoxy Flooring for the Healthcare Industry

Although epoxy coatings are known for waterproofing, stain-proofing, and scuff-proofing floors, epoxy flooring systems also provide several other tangible benefits that are must-haves for all healthcare facilities. Operating rooms, corridors, and any other part of the healthcare facility where excellent hygiene and sanitation is a must; epoxy flooring systems are the answer!

It is common knowledge that hospitals, clinics, and other kinds of healthcare facilities are breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and infectious diseases, no matter how much the healthcare facilities practices good hygiene and sanitation. Installing epoxy flooring for healthcare facilities is a key piece in the fight against the spread of harmful contagion!

What Additional Benefits Come With Epoxy Flooring?

Aside from floor protection, the aesthetic benefits, and better sanitation, what other advantages do healthcare facilities with epoxy flooring experience? Well, in addition to being more hygienical and sanitary, our flooring systems help healthcare facilities to say in compliance with the strict hygiene protocols that all healthcare facilities face. We can even use additives such as antimicrobial properties upon request. On top of that, our flooring systems are super-easy to clean and maintain.

Epoxy Coating Specialists offers a variety of custom flooring systems, some of which are created specifically for the medical industry. From hospitals to assisted living homes and everything in-between, epoxy flooring protects concrete and cement floors, providing a beautiful finish and helping to foster an overall healthier environment. If sanitation is a high priority in your facility, then epoxy flooring is the right solution you need!

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