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Residential Garages

More and more people are choosing epoxy garage floor coating in Kansas City for their homes. At Epoxy Coating Specialists, we often receive requests for quotes to do residential work, and we’re now happy to change our answer from a tentative “yes,” to an emphatic “absolutely!” thanks to our residential home division.

epoxy garage floor coating in kansas city

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For residential application, 8 times out of 10 we only install epoxy flooring in the garage. That’s not to say we can’t do other areas in the house. The defining factor is that the substrate needs to be cement/concrete. For most houses that limits epoxy application to the garage.

Our team has specialized in large commercial projects since its inception. Through practical experience and a dedication to industry excellence, we have narrowed down our products to the best of the best. Each application formula and process creates a floor meant to take on the toughest environments. 

We put the same aptitude into our garage floor projects. We expect them to perform much superior to the average garage floor guy’s product.  The Epoxy Coating Specialist products can’t be bought off the shelf at the local box store. 

In fact, your “average Joe” can’t even use our products. These hand-chosen materials from Sherwin Williams, BASF, Sika, Dur-A-Flex, or Rio require certified applicators to install them. 

A warning about polyaspartic products: 90% of super-low-cost garage floor guys install polyaspartic products as their full flooring. It does have its place in the matrix of a coating system, but using it all the way through is not ideal for a quality floor.

That’s why more and more homeowners choose epoxy garage floor coating in Kansas City and other epoxy options for their home. Epoxy floors provide years of like-its-new beauty.

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When it comes to epoxy garage floor coating in Kansas City, you’ll find custom solutions you can afford, for a look that you’ll love. 

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