Floor Surfacing in Kansas City, MO

Also Serving Wichita, KS

Our floor resurfacing solutions can rejuvenate virtually any decayed concrete or epoxy floor. Our resurfacing techniques and industrial quality epoxies and polymers allow us to resurface floors and meet the most demanding situations – all while avoiding the expense of replacing existing substructures.

Over time concrete and epoxy floors take a beating and must be replaced or resurfaced. Whether it’s a concrete floor, epoxy floor or some other material, our experts will give you the best advice, which often can be a less expensive residential or industrial floor resurfacing solution. Resurfacing can usually be completed in hours to days, versus many days to months to remove, replace and cure a new floor.

What makes a floor a good candidate for resurfacing? Floors with these qualities:

  • Surface is basically solid, no major cracks or substrate problems.
  • Surface is extremely worn and aggregate is showing.
  • Surface is mostly dirty and unappealing – a facelift would do it a great amount of good.
  • Cracks are small and not very numerous.
  • A slip resistant coating would provide a safer environment.
  • Surface has many stains that could be covered and hidden.