How to Add Flair to your Business Space with Epoxy Flooring

How to Add Flair to your Business Space with Epoxy Flooring

There are many ways to make a statement with your business or industrial space. But there is probably no better way to make an impression on your customers than to give them a befitting floor to walk on. If your business or industrial floors have seen their heyday and are starting to decay then an epoxy coating is the best shot you have at rejuvenating your floors. 

Settling on the right floor choice for your business or industrial building can be a trying affair for most people. Especially when you are looking for a floor that would be resistant to stains and at the same time endure the test of time, and chemical spills. Truth be told, every floor option on the planet have its own fair share of pros and cons. However, if you are looking for a floor option that would give you the best value for your money, epoxy flooring is the best shot you’ve got. 

Epoxy flooring has proven itself to be the best floor choice for business and industrial buildings. As it appears, epoxy flooring has fewer shortcomings compared to most of the popular floor choices that are available in the market today. If you are considering this amazing floor option for your commercial or residential building. Here are some areas where the use of epoxy flooring stands out compared to other flooring options.  

  • Why an epoxy floor is the best floor for your commercial or residential space 

1.    Looks Good

This is arguably the main reason why epoxy floors are mainstream in our modern day society. Unlike most floor options that are available in the market today, epoxy floors are bright and beautiful. Since the surface of a typical epoxy floor  holds very little dirt or stain, you can have a floor that looks good all year long. Not only will your clients and employees appreciate the work you’ve done on your floor, your cleaners would thank you for this floor. You can wipe dirt and stains from the surface of epoxy floors without much of a stretch. 

2.    Affordable 

Epoxy floors are usually offered at competitive prices. In fact, the price at which they are offered on a per square base is almost unrivaled. If you want to maximize your spending-plan on your floors, you can coat your existing floor with epoxy at an extremely reduced cost. You can use Epoxy as covering for your concrete floor or any other existing flooring types you have installed in your space. It is also a low-maintenance flooring option for your commercial or residential building. By coating your concrete floors with epoxy, your porous concrete floor would be completely sealed. In this way, helping you save money on future maintenance cost just as future cleaning costs. When the time comes to coat your existing floor with epoxy, you’ll find that the cost of installing an epoxy floor is cheaper than other floor types. When all is said and done, the first upside you’ll notice with regards the use of epoxy for your floors is the price at which it is offered. 

3.    Highly Resistant 

Unlike the vast majority of flooring options that are out there, epoxy floors are extremely tough. Thus, they can resist almost anything you throw at them. It doesn’t matter whether you are using chemicals, oils, bleach, cleansers, or transmission fluids on your floors. Epoxy floors are resilient against fluids, and so they can endure long term abuse better than any other flooring options out there. In the event that you are looking for a high resistance floor option for your workshop or business space, this is it. Yet, there is more. Apart from the fact that epoxy floors are highly resistant to all sorts of chemicals and liquids, it is also highly resistant to heat. Since epoxy floors are practically impermeable to all fluids, they don’t give room for germs and bacteria to grow in your space. For this reason, epoxy floors are the safest bet for anyone looking for a bacteria-free floor for their business or residential building. It is in light of this fact that most medical centers in the world today choose epoxy as their preferred floor choice. 

4.    Durable 

Here is another major upside to the use of epoxy floors – they are long lasting. In fact, you can count on epoxy to outlive most of the popular flooring options that we have in the world today. In spite of the fact that epoxy floors come second after concrete with regards to durability, concrete floors won’t last long term if they are left unsealed. That is why concrete floors coated with epoxy are mainstream in medical centers, industries, laboratories, commercial buildings, and residential buildings nowadays. You can boost the strength and resilience of your concrete floor by almost 100% when you coat your concrete floor with epoxy. 

5.    Variety 

Epoxy floors are the best ways to add flair to your business or commercial space for justifiable reasons. However, one of the most obvious ones is that they are offered in an array of amazing options. Since epoxy comes in an array of amazing colors, you’ll be able to choose only the most appropriate epoxy colors for your space. The end result is a durable, seamless floor that looks great and would endure the test of time. Epoxy is perfect for people who want to improve the mood of their commercial or residential building by upgrading existing concrete floors. 

6.    Saves Time

Most flooring options would cause you to put your business on hold for a long time until completion. Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, won’t take much of your time. Depending on your epoxy installer and the amount of space the epoxy would cover. You can have the epoxy fully installed in your business building in no time at all. 

Obviously, there are a ton of upsides to the use of epoxy for business floors. However, if you want to enjoy all the amazing benefits that an epoxy floor offers, you’ll need to reach out to a proficient contractor.  


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