Opening a New Clinic Or Hospital? Consider Epoxy For Your Health Flooring Requirements

Opening a New Clinic Or Hospital? Consider Epoxy For Your Health Flooring Requirements

If you’re opening a new facility in the healthcare industry, it’s important to make sure it’s as sanitary and safe as possible. There’s no sense running the risk of already-injured patients or functioning members of your staff slipping and falling while moving about. And there’s hardly anything worse than the spread of disease as a result of unsanitary floors. That’s why healthcare facilities have specific requirements when it comes to their flooring, and why you should consider getting epoxy coatings.

Healthcare Flooring Requirements
The products chosen for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities need to be durable, easy to maintain, and mobility-friendly. That means roller mobility! The flooring in these facilities must also be slip-resistant in order to prevent accident or injury from occurring.

Why Epoxy?
There are many benefits to choosing epoxy for your healthcare flooring, but perhaps the biggest one is that epoxy flooring meets all of the healthcare requirements listed above. Epoxy flooring is designed to be durable and, depending on traffic, can last between five and 10 years. In addition, it’s easily cleaned and slip-resistant pending alterations to the flooring formula.

Need more evidence? Epoxy flooring has been used in industries from manufacturing to healthcare for over 35 years. If nothing else, the years of use in various industries have resulted in countless epoxy improvements.

Easy To Install And Maintain
Epoxy flooring contractors are great at what they do. They know all the tricks to installing their products quickly, keeping downtime as low as possible for your facility. That means you can have your business back up and running in no time at all. Not only that but if something does go wrong, you can just peel off the old coat and apply a new one with a professional’s help. It’s easy to repair and keep in good working shape.

There are many reasons to pick epoxy for your healthcare flooring needs, but these are some of the major benefits. You can rest easy knowing that you have the best flooring solution for your staff and your patients.


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