Why Choose Epoxy Coating Specialists?

When selecting a polymer floor system there are several questions that need to be answered. A few of the questions a plant engineer should understand include : 

Can this polymer floor system handle CIP Chemicals?

Can this floor system handle heavy impact?

Does this new floor system need to slope to drain; to promote water flow?

How will I clean this floor system?

Will this floor system meet SQF, GMP, SSOP, and other related critical food safety standards?

Will this polymer floor system perform with thermal cycling associated with wash downs?

Does the floor need to be non-slip?

What is the life expectancy of this floor system?

Can the floor system be installed in a time critical window?

As one can see there are a lot of questions that need to be thoroughly understood prior to installation of polymer floor system.

Epoxy Coating Specialists has been in the business for over 23 years and has the expertise to answer these questions .

Epoxy Coating Specialists has field tested foreman that understand the correct way to install technical high performance floor Systems. ECS is the chosen contractor when it comes to time critical projects that need to be done right the first time. Epoxy Coating Specialists employs approximately 60 full time installers with sales in excess of 15 million dollars annually. ECS is the contractor routinely selected by all branches of the Military, Kansas City Royals, nationally recognized school systems, and Fortune 500 companies. Whether you own a small business or have been tasked with hiring a dependable contractor give Epoxy Coating Specialists a shot for your polymer flooring needs.

How can polymer floor systems help a school system?

Polymer floors eliminate the need to wax and strip VCT tile. Epoxy Coating Specialist's Flake Flooring systems also save time and money on carpet vacuuming, extraction, while eliminating dust, allergens, bacteria, and other pollutants associated with carpet.

The answer is a Decorative Flake system installed by Epoxy Coating Specialists. The flake floor system is seamless, easy to clean, will not stain and promotes school identity with customized logos and pleasing color patterns. ECS has installed their Decorative Flake system in both public and private schools throughout Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska and Iowa. Along with several universities such as Kansas State, Kansas University, Missouri University, University of Arkansas, University of Nebraska, Creighton University, and Iowa State. The key to their success is using veteran installers rather than subcontracted crews and materials that are UV stable, high chemical resistant, ultra-high abrasion resistant and very easy to clean.

Call Epoxy Coating Specialists when you want to lower your cleaning costs, improve your schools hygiene, and create a unique identity.

Recent Project: Dog Food Extrusion Plant

A few years after this dog food extrusion plant had an epoxy floor installed they started to realize their floor was not going to last much longer.

Many factors played a role in the rapid deterioration of their old floor, most notable were the lack of proper concrete preparation and using inferior products for this type of manufacturing environment. 

In this industry it’s absolutely crucial that when a customer chooses a flooring contractor they are educated on all facets of the project, not just the price tag.

ECS focused on educating the customer about the proper type of floor coating that can withstand the daily hot water wash downs, proper methods of concrete preparation, the correct level of aggregate for slip resistance, and finally a top seal coat that will last for many years to come.  By hiring Epoxy Coating Specialists, our team, including the owner, manufacturer’s representative, foreman and crew had a hand in pulling off this two day project.