Aviation & Aerospace

Epoxy Coating Specialists is able to provide floor system solutions to the aviation and aerospace industry in the Midwest and beyond. We've served numerous different facilities and manufacturing centers during our 26 years of business, giving us the unique ability to meet all of the floor system challenges at your facility.

Aviation industry flooring in Kansas City

What We Do

We'll help make sure successful daily operations with service to all of the following areas:

Aircraft Hangar Floor Coatings
Corporate & Private Aircraft Hangar Flooring
Avionics Storage & Installation Locations
Aerospace Manufacturing & Assembly Facilities
Helicopter Hangar Flooring
Military Installations Hangar Flooring
Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Hangars
Corp of Engineers Projects
Public spaces
And more
How We Work

When aviation and aerospace facilities work with Epoxy Coating Specialists, they’ll get high-performance epoxy flooring that’s both beautiful and durable.

We work with both new and renovation applications, and our industrial floor coatings will protect your facility’s concrete hazards such as:
  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft fluids (such as Skydrol®)
  • Lubricants
  • Chemicals
  • Aircraft and equipment weight
  • And more

Additionally, industrial epoxy floors are resistant to both stains and slips—ensuring that your floor looks great and keeps employees safe. And not only will we provide solutions that work, but our accessibility and experience also ensure that we’ll get your job done right and on-time—even if we have to work nights and weekends. Our experienced and certified applicators will help design an aviation industry flooring system for your facility that’s not only tough and durable, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

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