Pharmaceutical Facility Flooring

The pharmaceutical industry requires incredible precision and sensitivity when it comes to daily operations. Epoxy Coating Specialists understands this and works to create a pharmaceutical facility that protects and enhances cleanliness, while preventing the risk of contamination.

Pharmaceutical Facility Flooring

What We Do

Our variety of flooring systems provides all of the following benefits:

Quick Curing (as little as one hour)
Chemical Resistance
Easy to Clean
UV Stable
Excellent Durability
LEED Compliant with Low-VOC & Resins
How We Work

Each facility is different, but most pharmaceutical companies agree that sanitary surfaces are the most important factor in daily operations.

As the premier epoxy flooring system installer in the Midwest, ECS is capable of providing long-term upgrades to pharmaceutical facilities. We have the experience and personnel needed to take on projects of all sizes, and we’ll help create a facility that enables your team to create better health outcomes.  A floor that’s easy to clean and maintain is crucial, and Epoxy Coating Specialists can provide solutions customized to individual pharmaceutical labs and facilities. We use a complete line of epoxy and urethane concrete flooring systems—as well as a Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) flooring solution that brings speed and durability.

And when you work with ECS, you’re working with a group of employees that are dedicated to doing things the right way. Our experience in this industry allows us to provide prompt, lasting solutions, and our accessibility means that we’ll complete your project on-time, on budget. At Epoxy Coating Specialists we understand shutting down a facility for construction is a major inconvenience which is why we are willing to work nights, weekends and holidays to minimize your down time.

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