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In order to maintain a safe environment for patients, staff, and guests, a high-quality flooring system is a must for healthcare facilities. Epoxy Coating Specialists, with 26 years in business and decades of combined work experience, has the solutions and personnel needed to reduce risk and make lasting improvements.

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What We Do

We can provide solutions for all of the following areas:

Doctors' Offices
Hospital Kitchens
Medical Building Corridors
Healthcare Clinics
Mechanical Rooms
Operating Room Flooring
Patient Room Flooring
Sterile Rooms
Helicopter Landing Pads
And more
How We Work

Epoxy Coating Specialists understand the high standards of cleanliness and durability needed for healthcare facilities. That’s why we create flooring systems that can withstand heavy foot and equipment traffic, while also accounting for hygienic concerns.

We install epoxy flooring and resinous systems to create a medical floor that’s resistant to chipping, pitting, and gouging, while also remaining germ-free with regular cleaning and maintenance. Whether it’s a community clinic or a large metropolitan hospital, we have the expertise and accessibility to complete your project promptly and correctly.

Our staff is led by professionals with over 26 years of experience, and we’ve performed well over $200 million in floor system projects throughout our lifetime. There’s no facility too big for us to take on, and we’re accessible enough to get the job done regardless of your deadline.

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