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Correctional Facility Flooring

Maintaining a sanitary and durable floor system is essential for the success of any correctional facility. Epoxy Coating Specialists have provided floor systems for numerous correctional facilities throughout the Midwest, and we can provide exceptional value and timely installation.

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What We Do

We can provide solutions for all of the following areas:

Individual Cells
Locker Rooms
Cafeterias & Dining Areas
Administrative Offices
And more
How We Work

Epoxy Coating Specialists put safety and durability at the forefront of every floor system installation. That’s especially true in correctional facilities, where close quarters and high traffic areas are common.

Our seamless epoxy floor coating systems and additional resinous flooring solutions will help prevent the spread of germs and make sure staff and inhabitants are protected—while our protective finishes help ensure long-lasting durability and easy cleaning. And with our hard-working and experienced team of applicators, we can ensure that your facility project is finished promptly with as minimal downtime as possible. With our blend of knowledge and experience, our applicators will help design a floor system that’s low-maintenance, sanitary, and built to last.

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