decorative quartz color options for epoxy floor repair in Kansas City

Wall Systems

Walls often aren't at the top of list when you think of protective coatings, but everyday wear and tear can add up significantly over time. With a glaze coating and additional solutions, Epoxy Coating Specialists can help extend the life of your walls and provide lasting protection.

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Epoxy and urethane wall systems add lasting durability and protection that’s designed to extend the lifespan of your facility’s walls.

ECS uses a UV-resistant epoxy system to guard your wall’s underlying surface, which protects it from everyday wear and tear due to cleaning or exposure to water. By adding a layer of seamless epoxy, your wall will also benefit from greatly-reduced absorption, which means that spills or other liquids won’t seep into the walls and cause them to deteriorate.

ECS, with our years of experience, is capable of applying these systems to facilities all across the Midwest—and even nationally. We’ve worked with countless facilities across numerous industries, making us the best and most reliable option for your epoxy coating needs. We’ll work with facility owners to find and resolve the individual pain points of their facility in areas where a clean wall is important.


Benefits of A Wall System From ECS

Long-Term Durability
Easy Wash Down for Areas that Lead Water to Drain
Protection from Water-Absorption & Porous Concrete
Shower Areas with No Seams or Grout
Protection from Physical Damage & Harsh Temperature Con
Easy Cleaning & Low Maintenance
And more

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decorative quartz color options for epoxy floor repair in Kansas City

About us

Since 1995 Epoxy Coating Specialists has focused on growing our business by putting our customers’ needs first.

With almost 3 decades in the business, we’ve learned that no two customers are the same and every single polymer resin project is different. That’s why we cater our products and services to meet your individual needs, timeline, and budget. With over 60 installers and more than 30 million square feet of floors installed to date, there’s no project that we can’t complete.

The ESC Experience

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Wow. Working with ECS was SO SIMPLE. I am blown away. They do great work and are truly professionals. I will definitely return to them for future projects."

Jake | Project Manager | St Luke’s Hospital

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