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Practical Applications: Ideal Places to Install Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating has many practical applications for businesses, facilities, warehouses, and more. Whether you need durable flooring for your heavy operations, coating that is sanitary and easy-to-clean, or a decorative centerpiece for a room, epoxy is your solution. 

At Epoxy Coating Specialists (ECS), we have experience in a wide variety of industries, delivering sustainable flooring solutions that make a positive impact on your operations. Keep reading to learn more about practical applications for epoxy floor coating, some myths and misconceptions, and the ECS difference.

Factories & facilities

No matter the type of goods you’re producing, a factory or production facility needs to be easy to clean and able to withstand heavy operations, all the way down to the flooring. You may even need specialized flooring that is resistant to intense temperatures. ECS can make all of this possible with tailored epoxy floor coating.

Our epoxy floor coating for facilities and factories is durable, hygienic, and slip-resistant; it’s a seamless solution for animal facilities, healthcare and pharmaceutical buildings, food and beverage plants, and much more. 

After an on-site consultation with one of our project managers, ECS will customize a flooring plan for your facility that addresses your unique pain points and meets the needs of your operation, including sloped flooring for efficient drainage.

Sloped floors

Sloped flooring installed by ECS allows for effective drainage for your facility, without having to completely remove your existing concrete. Using epoxy, our technicians can connect your flooring to custom drainage systems to combat puddles, wet spots, bacteria buildup, and slip and fall injuries within your facility.

Achieving sloped flooring with epoxy coating is also a much more cost and time-effective solution as opposed to complete removal and replacement of your current concrete foundation.

Display facilities

Epoxy floor coating can be a functional and beautiful solution for aviation hangars, automotive dealerships, and other display facilities. ECS can build floor systems able to withstand heavy weight like airplanes and cars, and also slip and scuff resistant, so your display facility looks polished and professional.

epoxy floor coating in an airplane display hangar

Industrial & manufacturing

We understand how important a safe work environment is for industrial and manufacturing facilities. Experts from ECS can help increase the safety and efficiency of your facility with an epoxy floor coating that’s both durable and abrasion-resistant—while also following plant-specific compliance guidelines. 

Mechanical rooms

Rooms that house and operate heavy machinery, like tool cribs or loading docks, present unique challenges and require especially abrasion-resistant flooring solutions. Additionally, you need flooring materials that are insusceptible to deterioration from oils, grease, and chemicals. 

Urethane cement for industrial flooring

Urethane cement overlay is a durable industrial flooring option. The cement overlay mixture is actually a blend of cement, other aggregates, and polymer resin, which increases performance and adaptability. The mixture can be overlaid as thinly as a grain of salt, or multiple inches thick to meet the needs of your facility. 

Our expert team tailors your urethane cement flooring to the specifications of your building, providing you with dependable, heavy-duty flooring that is tolerant to any level of wear.

Electrical / breaker rooms

Electrical and breaker rooms, or places that contain high-voltage electric currents, are a prime example of places that can benefit from epoxy coating. In addition to providing slip-resistance, durability, and aesthetic features, epoxy floor coating can prevent harmful electric discharges. 

Static control flooring

Static control or conductive flooring essentially functions as a conductive rod, absorbing electricity from the room and removing it safely. This protects your equipment and your employees from damage and injury. ECS is capable of expertly installing this type of EDS flooring for facilities that operate heavy electrical equipment or house explosive materials.

Lobbies, hallways, & corridors

For applications like lobbies, hallways, and corridors, you need more than just a great floor. You need something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Decorative epoxy floor coating can be a sustainable, customizable solution. How do you want to present your business? We have options. Add a logo to your lobby floor, outline a hallway, or direct traffic with arrows and designs.

Flaked Epoxy Floors

Beautiful and low-maintenance, flaked epoxy flooring is an excellent option for schools, offices, or businesses. Colorful acrylic chips blended into the epoxy are coated with a clear layer over top to achieve a seamless, decorative finish. Flaked epoxy floors are easy to clean, and the perfect way to add both personality and durability to your flooring. 

Stocked Flake Colors

For further customization, we offer a catalog of different flaked flooring color options. Match your flaked flooring to your school colors, business logo, or facility decor.

example of flaked epoxy floor coating

Decorative Quartz Flooring

Quartz flooring adds an impressive design element to any building. Typically laid at less than a quarter inch thickness, it is best suited for light duty activity and pedestrian traffic like schools or offices. Quartz flooring is customizable in color and in slip resistance. Results are vibrant and can be achieved in record time when you use a quality installer like the skilled team at Epoxy Coating Specialists.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are subject to wear and tear just like anywhere else in your facility. Plus, tile and grout are harder to clean and absorb gross bacteria and substances. 

Floors and walls in these areas need special protection and sanitization. Epoxy or urethane cement coating allows for easier and more thorough cleaning, and it’s also resistant to bathroom and kitchen-specific concerns like urine, soap, water, intense heat, and grease.

epoxy floor coating in a bathroom

Epoxy for walls

That’s right, epoxy coating doesn’t have to be just for your floors. Epoxy wall glaze can be a smart and effective way to protect and extend the life of your walls. 

Our epoxy and urethane wall systems are resistant to heat, UV light, and water, preventing excess moisture from absorbing into your walls and causing deterioration over time. This is especially important for protection and easy cleaning of the walls behind or near:

  • Sinks
  • Ovens
  • Wash bays
  • Urinals
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • And more

The Epoxy Coating Specialists difference


We pride ourselves on being mission-critical and time-sensitive in each of our flooring projects. We are knowledgeable in our industry and understand that your unique operations need tailored solutions. Our team is committed to tackling projects that other companies can’t or won’t. 

Epoxy floor coating shouldn’t slow your business down. We’ll work hard to meet your deadlines, so you can stay efficient.

ECS team members planning an epoxy floor coating custom proposal


With over 20 years in the business, you can trust that we have expertise in providing lasting epoxy floor coating solutions for businesses in a variety of industries, including:

No job is too big, or too small. Whether you’re a major corporation, or a local business, we have the experience necessary to customize and complete your epoxy floor coating project on your schedule and budget.


Our expert skill level and attention to detail sets ECS apart from our competition. Our managers, foremen, and technicians are field-tested and OSHA certified, ensuring that your epoxy floor coating project is completed with the highest standards of quality and diligence.

Our flooring solutions are not cookie cutter. It’s up to you to decide how you want to present your business; it’s up to us to make it happen.


When you choose us for your epoxy floor coating projects, you can trust that you’re receiving credible recommendations from experts who care about what they do. Beyond exceptional quality, we want to do the job that serves your facility the best.

In a business that is missing relationships, we want to build them. We are proud to serve our Kansas City community and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and care that keeps you returning to us for all of your epoxy floor coating needs.

Misconceptions about epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coating is not the standard for many industries, although it can be an extremely impactful flooring solution. If you’re considering epoxy flooring, be sure to steer clear of these common misconceptions:

  1. It’s expensive

While epoxy floor coating may be more expensive than traditional flooring options like wood or vinyl, it’s important to weigh the cost against replacing your floor later down the line. You may pay more up front, but epoxy coating will last longer and hold up better, making it well-worth the investment. Additionally, not every flooring company works the same. You want trained professionals with years of experience.

  1. You can install it on your own

More than skill, installing epoxy takes proper prep work, necessary equipment, and high-grade products in order to be successful. Choosing a DIY kit usually means you get what you pay for. Trust a professional like ECS to install your epoxy floor coating to make sure you’re getting a tailored, durable solution that meets the needs of your facility.

  1. You can achieve the same results with paint

While paint and epoxy may look similar when applied over concrete, they are fundamentally different materials that will wear and tear much differently over time. Unlike paint, epoxy floor coating is a resinous material that is resistant to moisture and acts as a protective barrier for the concrete underneath. No paint is able to do the same.

  1. It’s hard to maintain

Epoxy is a resinous material that hardens when installed and is resistant to moisture and damage. This makes it easy to clean and unlikely to chip, warp, or crack, as other flooring might. Our epoxy flooring solutions are built to last, saving you money and maintenance down the line.

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