Urethane Cement

Urethane cement overlays from ECS provide heavy duty flooring solutions for facilities that require products that can stand up to anything.

urethane cement flooring


Protect your facility and add a layer of lasting defense with Urethane Cement.

The three main benefits of Urethane Cement is the speed of installation, tolerance of abuse, and ability to coat over green concrete. These floors are an excellent choice for concrete slabs that have high moisture vapor transmission or exposure to wash downs and chemicals.

In particular, adding the hybrid polymer resin to the cements and aggregates increases the performance and adaptability of both. Choose the thickness of your overlay to best suit the needs of your facility, whether it’s an eighth of inch or several inches thick.


Our cementitious overlays are polymer-modified and built to last using a blend of materials, such as:

  • Portland cements
  • Cementitious Urethane
  • Assorted aggregates
  • Proprietary hybrid polymer resins
  • Antimicrobial additives


Resistant to Damage From All Of The Following:

Hot Water Wash Down
Steam Cleaning
Chemical Attack
High Moisture
Fork Trucks & Pallet Traffic
High-Impact Operations
Hot Grease Fry Line
Foot & Vehicle Traffic

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