Parking Deck & Garage Flooring

Durability, strength, and safety are at the forefront when it comes to parking decks and garages. At Epoxy Coating Specialists, we can help create a unique blend of floor systems that are durable enough to stand up to the elements—as well as the weight of countless vehicles.

parking garage floor coating

What We Do

We can provide solutions for all of the following areas:

Above-Ground Parking
Multi-Level Parking
Underground Parking
Parking Garages
How We Work

First, ECS will meet with facility owners to gauge the specific needs for their parking decks and garage.

Based in Kansas City and Wichita with a national reach, our professional applicators will ensure a prompt and precise installation of any floor system throughout the region with minimal downtime. And with our years of experience, there’s no facility project too big for us to complete. Though each facility is unique, parking garages in particular emphasize strength and durability, especially when it comes to the elements. We’ll protect your concrete with either an outdoor parking deck coating or a commercial polyurethane coating, depending on whether your facility is indoors or outdoors.

These solutions help ensure that your flooring is protected from elements, heavy traffic, stains, and hot tires. The end result will be a flooring system that’s durable enough to avoid the chaos of shutdowns in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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