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In order to maintain a quality educational environment, having safe and sanitary flooring is a must.

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Epoxy Coating Specialists helps to ensure the safety and health of students, staff, and guests with dependable floor system solutions.

We’ve worked with numerous educational facilities —from elementary schools to large public universities like Kansas State University—giving us the ability to overcome all of the unique challenges facing your building. Our flooring solutions will help your staff keep the focus where it belongs: on education.

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Benefits Of Installing An Epoxy Coating

Affordability, especially when compared to carpet, viny
No more stripping and waxing
Lower maintenance costs
Complete project customization to floor situation
Remarkable durability for high traffic areas
VOC-free options (free of potentially harmful chemicals
How We Work

As floors age, it becomes a lot harder to clean them. For schools and universities, this is especially true due to the high amount of foot traffic that comes through areas like cafeterias, hallways, locker rooms, labs, and showers.

Epoxy Coating Specialists can help solve these issues with seamless epoxy flooring systems that fit the unique needs of both your educational facility and specific areas within it.

Whether it’s easy cleaning for a cafeteria floor or slip-resistance for hallways and labs, we can help you create a flooring system that’s durable and increases safety—while also including design features such as your school’s mascot and colors. All of this is done by an experienced crew who will work all hours of the day to ensure that the job is done right.

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