Epoxy Mortar System

Our Epoxy Mortar System is designed for new construction and rejuvenation of any concrete slab. Epoxy Mortar is a true belt and suspenders approach to a long term, sustainable floor solution.

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The Epoxy mortar system works by combining industrial aggregate with high-quality resins to make a trowel-able mortar bed.

The experts at Epoxy Coating Specialists apply the mortar bed at a consistent thickness, while using concrete trowels to ensure a consistent level floor.  After the floor is troweled, multiple coats of epoxy are installed on top of the mortar bed according to customer speciations for aesthetics and slip resistance.


Benefits of an Epoxy Mortar System

Restoration of Eroded or Worn-out Concrete
Increased Durability for Areas with Heavy-Duty Needs
Long-Term Lifecycle for Protection of Concrete
Provides Smooth & Level Surface
Sloping the Floor to Drains

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