Flooring for Electronics and Explosives

In order to maintain a safe working environment, having a properly installed static or conductive epoxy floor is a must. Epoxy Coating Specialists helps to ensure the safety and risk reduction of employees and equipment by installing dependable floor systems designed to move electricity towards designated areas.

conductive flooring installation

What We Do

We can provide solutions for all of the following facility types:

Automotive Manufacturing
Production Assembly
Laser & Optical Systems
Computer & Server Rooms
Hospital Imaging Rooms
Semi-Conductor Production
High-Tech Electronics
Explosive Settings
Chemical Storage Areas
And more
How We Work

Epoxy Coating Specialists are capable of meeting the unique needs of any facility, including facilities that specialize in electronic equipment.

For these in particular, we can produce specially-designed electrostatic dissipative resinous flooring systems—which conduct electricity throughout the facility and create a safer work environment for all. Our team will work with you during the initial process to come up with a design that satisfies all safety, performance, and concerns you have with your facility. Once that’s complete, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that your project is completed correctly within the timeframe given.

Safety is our number one priority with any facility, but electronics facilities can be especially hazardous work environments. With Epoxy Coating Specialists, we help create flooring systems that protect workers and equipment by controlling static electricity and other variables that put employees at risk. What makes our team particularly qualified to take on this job is the vast experience our applicators have.

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