Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

We understand how important a safe work environment is for industrial and manufacturing facilities. At Epoxy Coating Specialists, we'll help increase the safety and production of your facility with a floor coating that's both durable and abrasion-resistant—while also following plant specific compliance guidelines.

industrial epoxy floors

What We Do

We can provide solutions for all of the following areas:

Manufacturing Plants
Assembly Floors
Tool Cribs
Loading Bays
Machine Shop
Battery Charging Areas
Containment Areas
How We Work

Industrial and manufacturing clients in particular demand floors that are not only safe, but also remarkably durable and strong.

Epoxy Coating Specialists can help create a floor system that can withstand the weight of heavy machinery and wheeled traffic—in addition to the rigors of everyday foot traffic and deterioration caused by oils, chemicals, and greases. We’ll help your facility create a floor system that not only promotes a safe environment, we’ll make it easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing as well.

And when your facility works with ECS, you also get the benefit of working with professionals who care about doing the job right and on-time. We understand that while we’re working on your floors, your facility isn’t making money—so we’ll work days, nights, and weekends to ensure that your facility is back up and running ASAP. Combining decades of experience with over 500 projects performed per year, our team has the experience to meet the challenges facing your industrial or manufacturing facility. We’ve worked with both small-scale and Fortune 500 Companies, meaning that there’s no project too big for us to complete.

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